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HHM Jam Day 2 or "I told you I WAS IN THIS FORREAL"

Keeping track of each day helps me pace myself because I really do want to finish making this tiny little Twine game.

Today I spent the day thinking about storytelling mechanics in a text-based game. I want to achieve a meaningful sequence and maintain a relatively clever order so whoever's playing the story can enjoy it as a game (I guess) but also so it remains culturally relevant to the narrative I'm trying to achieve.

That being said: permanence of the material world. In some Guarani Paraguayan storytelling, the world is sometimes divided into different planes (such as yvy mara he'y) and between physical beings and immaterial beings. The immaterial beings are neutral and can sometimes be benevolent towards us if the right person appeases them.

The story takes place in a room. A room has area and volume. In the room, there will be compartments (ex: a dresser, a desk, a box). If every object were available to the player, meaning they can access them in whatever order they desire, it may undermine the importance of some objects versus another. For example, to me a guampa is more important than a bag. So the player will have to go through some options before coming to the guampa. The guampa is integral to Paraguayan culture, therefore, there will be more meaning and thought to attaining it.

This also made me think about reward systems. I'm thinking about why I'm rewarding readers and what I'm rewarding them for. Maybe the proper sequence of objects that ends the game will be a sequence that can only be achieved once the player is fully aware of the cultural significance of each item and how they are utilized and how they can utilize those objects to escape the space they're trapped in.

I'm too tired to re-type all this in Spanish, Imma try to make the next one shorter